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“I came to Earth one day by chance, at a turning point in my life. At that moment, everything seemed so clear to me, I understood who I was and I finally dared to assert myself. I dared to be ME. I worked the land with ardor and patience. My unconscious took over and my creativity revealed itself. I came out of myself. I realized that I was much more than I previously believed.

The earth gives me confidence. I come back to myself while sculpting. I live, I exist through my characters: often women, sometimes couples.

It was later that I picked up some color and grabbed my brushes... I threw onto the canvas everything that was on my mind: the beautiful, the sad, the cruel, the wicked, the twisted , bites, kills, what pleases, what haunts.

I paint and sculpt the beautiful, the sweet, the love, the life.

Through my sculptures and paintings, I express my emotions. »

To create is to live


SIRET: 851 238 550 00012


“When a good sculptor models human bodies,
it not only represents the muscles, but also the life that warms them. »
Auguste Rodin


“Dream your life in color, it’s the secret to happiness. »

Peter PAN


L’art-thérapie est une pratique de soin qui s’inscrit dans la mouvance des thérapies dites alternatives, plus spécifiquement des thérapies par l’art :

art plastique, danse, musique, écriture, terre…

Thérapie de l’âme, de l’esprit et du corps, l’art-thérapie a la double vocation de faire appel à l’art et à la parole.

Les outils artistiques participent à établir un dialogue d’où vont apparaître des pans oubliés ou méconnus de la vie psychique du patient.

Je suis actuellement en formation.

I am lucky enough to have been photographed by the talented professional photographer Linda !

Find it on

Linda hives

A split second

Vous pouvez me contacter par téléphone au 06 26 32 63 65 ou par mail à l’adresse suivante :

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